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Michelle - Before
Before - 04/02/2012
Michelle - After
After - 19/05/2012

"Lucy you are an amazing trainer and I love the fact that you are all natural. I thought very much about doing anavar to build size but I want to do it the right way......thank you so much for instilling those morals and values in me. You are definitely an inspiration to me to have achieved all that you have given your state of health. Not only are you all natural but you truly, genuinely, and sincerely care about your clients and your relationship with them......I cant thank you enough and I will never beable to repay you for all that you have done for me and taught me......I know you aren't in it for the money and I love that about you because money isn't something I have a lot of and you still took me on, you truly want to help people. You are such a beautiful and amazing person/trainer ♥ "
--- Michelle Bousquet, Surrey, BC ---

"I liked Lucie's no frills approach to training. She is a walking inspiration."
--- Doug Setter, Bsc. --- author of  "Stomach Flattening" and "Reduce Your Alcohol Craving".

"I really appreciated my training time with Lucie. Her approach to sculpting your body, awakened my 'inner weight trainer', and I am hooked. She showed me that I am stronger than I imagined. She challenged me to do more, and I know that I can! Weight Training has become a regular part of my life. She reinforced and built up my belief in taking care of myself for now and for my future! (And I won't end up looking like a girly version of Popeye!)"
--- Lori H. ---

" The one thing that struck me the most about training with Lucie is how much she cares about all of her clients. Although she is remains very private, I sensed very early on that if she cares that much about how her other clients are doing, she must care that much about me...I felt like my success was as important to her as it was to me. She cares as much about your mental well-being as how often you're exercising, as well as what kind of nutrition your getting. She is firm but fair in her what she can do for you and what you will have to do for yourself. My body has changed significantly with seemingly very little effort compared to other exercise regimes I've done, my energy is so much better and WOW do I feel better putting on clothes that I haven't worn in a few years! Clothes that I never thought I'd ever get into again. Her suggestions for what and how I eat have been the most reasonable and easily followed ideas of anything I've ever done...easily a life change, not a temporary diet. I have great respect for her, and am thankful to her for sharing her immense knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I am her client, and will remain as such, but for the time I spend working out with her each week; she's my trainer, my cheerleader, my nutritionist and my friend. "
--- Lisa Riobo ---

" I have certainly appreciated my time working with Lucie Hall. I have worked with Lucie on two occasions for extended periods of time, as she has helped me to improve my fitness level in preparation for my rigorous schedule volunteering in Africa. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition helped me tremendously. Her training programs were both fun and effective and I witnessed my body transforming quickly! After only a few sessions, my strength and stamina had increased, as well as my muscles started to become defined. I would recommend Lucie to absolutely anyone. Lucie creates her fitness programs to each individual, she takes extra time and effort into assuring maximum benefits are achieved. She is a very positive, dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate trainer who cares about her clients, I would strongly recommend Lucie to anyone. "
--- Lori Gardner ---


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